Acoustic Laminated Glass

Acoustic Laminated Glass

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Da Di Glass emphasized on using high quality & safety glass. We use a special PVB acoustic film by Kuraray. This monolayer film product used in multiple insulating glass combines
outstanding sound protection properties with all the advantages of a conventional TROSIFOL® PVB film. Even in monolithic laminated safety glass, TROSIFOL®
SOUND CONTROL reveals its exceptional sound protection performance.

Acoustic inter-layers are laminated between toughening pieces of glass to produce a glazing unit with much improved acoustic performance.


The highly sound insulating PVB inter-layers are laminated between glass panels using normal interlayer lamination methods of heat and pressure creating a glass unit with a lower overall Rw value measured in Db




Every glass thickness and composition vibrates differently at different frequencies meaning that at some frequencies glass sound insulation can be very low. The introduction of an acoustic inter-layer into a glass construction reduces this ‘critical frequency’ effect in the glazed element meaning there is no dip in the glass performance for certain sound frequencies and increasing the overall sound insulation for an installation.


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