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System: Intermac (Italy)

Working Dimensions: 3210 mm x 6000 mm

Our automated cutting line from Italy’s Intermac is a fully integrated system with automatic loading, cutting and glass breaking capabilities. This Genius 61 Cutting Line automatically aligns and optimises glass cutting to ensure that only the most accurately cut glass is processed in the least wasteful manner. In order to process highly sensitive Low-E glass, our facility is fitted with integrated edge deletion brushes.



System: Glaston (Finland)

Working Dimensions: 2800 mm x 6000 mm

Our state-of-the-art tempering furnace from Finland’s Tamglass can work with glass up to 2,800 mm x 6,000 mm. This ProE 300 furnace is capable of tempering glass up to 19 mm thick. With its focused top convection system, even glass with “soft coats” (E≥0.04), can be reliably tempered to SS341/EN12150/ANSI Z97 (or EN1863 for heat strengthened glass). To minimise spontaneous breakage of tempered glass, we also offer heat soak testing.



System: Bystronic (Germany), Scholz (Germany)

Working Dimensions: 2800 mm x 5000 mm

Our latest investment to produce exceptional laminated safety glass is our complete laminating line comprising Bystronic “Compact Lamiline” and Scholz Hot Air Autoclave. This assembly is capable of processing glass up to 2,800 mm x 5,000 mm for a combined thicknesses of 80 mm. Using only quality interlayers from Eastman (Solutia) and Kuraray (Trosifol), our finished products are compliant with SS341.

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