DaDiGlass BallisticShield

DaDiGlass BallisticShield™

DaDiGlass BallisticShield™ is a lightweight multi-layer laminate that is able to withstand ammunition of various calibre, from handguns to rifles. It provides a high level of protection with minimal thickness, yet lighter in weight than conventional bullet-resistant glass. Applications include facades, windows, doors and vehicles.

For conventional bullet proof glass consisting of multi-layered glass only, it is structurally less bullet resistant as glass loses a great deal of its resistance once impacted. Da Di Glass constructs bulletproof glass using alternating layers of glass and unique interlayer materials that has a toughness, elasticity and strength that is far stronger than glass, thus increasing the penetration resistance of the bullet proof glass laminate. With a built in anti-spalling feature, occupants away from the attack side are protected from flying glass shards and shrapnel, therefore are safe from harm.

Applications for our bullet proof glass range from customs, prisons, embassies and key installations such as government buildings, to security windows and glass doors.



  • Thinner and Lighter design
  • Large dimensions available
  • High optical quality and clarity
  • Bullet protection can be combined with solar control, thermal insulation or acoustic insulation, privacy switchable PDLC film in a single product
  • Tested and validated products with all certificates and documents available
  • Product of Singapore
  • UL listed and audited for UL752 and NIJ Standard 0108.01





UL752 – Bullet Attack Resistance for Laminated Security Glass based on UL Standards

Classification Type of gun/bullet Protection
Level 3 44 Magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked No Spalling (NS)

3 Shots

Level 7 5.56 mm rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core No Spalling (NS)

5 Shots

Level 8 7.62 mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball No Spalling (NS)

5 shots


NIJ Standard 0108.01– Bullet Attack Resistance based on Military Standards

Classification Type of gun/bullet Protection
Type III 7.62 mm 308 Winchester FMJ No Spalling (NS)

5 Shots

Type IV 30-06 Armor Piercing No Spalling (NS)

1 shot


EN1063 – Bullet Attack Resistance for Laminated Security Glass based on European Standards

Classification Type of gun/bullet Spalling Protection
BR4 Handgun, 0.44 Rem. Magnum, type FJ/FN/FC No Spalling (NS)

3 Shots

BR5 5.56 x 45, type FJ/PN/SCP1 No Spalling (NS)

3 Shots

BR6 7.62 x 51, type FJ/PB/SC No Spalling (NS)

3 Shots