Anti-Bandit Glass

Anti-Bandit Glass for Intruder Resistance EN356

DaDiGlass™ Forced Entry Glass & Frame

Historically, Anti-Bandit Glass was used in shop windows to save merchandise from the traditional ‘smash and grab’ thief. Its use was then extended to screens, to protect staff from thrown objects and manually wielded weapons. Therefore, there are two categories for Anti-Bandit Glass, which are classified by a drop ball test (P4A), which is a simulation of a thrown object smashing through a glass window and hammer and axe test, which simulates an actual burglar attempt.

For clients requiring a more clearly defined level of protection, to tackle sophisticated attack methods, e.g. Axe and Hammer, we have produced glass that is able to resist such attacks. Based on European standards, there are three levels of such protection, with the glass withstanding attacks of up to 70 consecutive hits:

EN356 Hammer & Axe Test:

Level P4A P6B P7B* P8B
Thickness 10.28mm 14.45mm 18.99mm 17.6mm
Stress Level 3 Ball Drops 30 to 50 hits 51 to 70 hits > 70 hits

*No Spalling, glass will not shatter on the occupants’ side.

Anti-Bandit Glass serve as an integral part of secured buildings, especially for the windows on the ground levels. The anti bandit glass is burglary-proof, which makes it ideal for securing high value commercial items. It is designed as an impact resistant glass, specially crafted with glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand very high levels of physical attack.


  • High End Boutique Shops
  • Jewelry Display
  • Shop Window Display