DaDiGlass BallisticShield™ Windows & Doors System

DaDiGlass BallisticShield™ Bullet Resistant

Doors & Windows

DaDiGlass BallisticShield™ Doors and Windows are a proprietary design produced in-house by us. It blends seamlessly as part of your secured area providing protection against ballistic attacks and forced entry.

Crafted to combine sleek aesthetics with uncompromised protection, our windows and doors are meticulously designed to safeguard your space while enhancing its visual appeal. DaDiGlass BallisticShield™ Windows and Doors systems are built lightweight and slim, blending and fitting into the architectural designs of homes and offices, while withstanding high levels of threats from bullet attacks and intruders.

The frames are specially designed to cover the weak spots of normal architectural frames, providing the same security rating as the glass. This means that the bullet rounds will be unable to penetrate through the frames and it is able to withstand burglary attacks from tools such as crowbars and hammers.

Our bullet-resistant aluminum windows and doors are engineered for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish. Experience the convenience of uncomplicated integration into your existing space

Key Highlights

  • Designed for lightweight doors , windows and fixed panels system
  • Tested to ballistic resistant test standard EN1522 (FB4)
  • Protection ranges from .357 magnum to 7.62mm caliber
  • Also tested to EN1627 against forced entry