SGP Laminate Glass

SentryGlas® (SGP) ionoplast Laminated Glass

Only Trosifol offers SentryGlas® (SGP) ionoplast interlayers and we are an approved processor to laminate the SGP interlayer.


Product Highlights:

  • 100 times stiffer and five times more tear resistant than PVB.
  • Laminates of SentryGlas® can bear higher loads than PVB laminates or equivelent loads using thinner glass enabling lower weight and cost.
  • Almost perfect transfer of load between the glass sheets.
  • High post-breakage strength over a broad range of temperatures and loads.
  • Excellent edge stability, with 20-year-old applications showing no edge defects.
  • High clarity – SentryGlas® has a yellowness index of 1.5 or lower, and does not increase significantly. Standard interlayers have yellowness index of between 6 and 12.
  • Does not require adhesives, other laminating aids or plasticisers, which could be a source of discoloration.
  • Sheet and roll stock do not require refrigerated storage and can be processed on existing units and production lines.
  • When used in combination with approved sealants, butt-joined glass elements with SentryGlas® interlayers show no discoloration or other forms of damage to their edges, even after years of weathering.
  • Excellent salt-spray/fog resistance – no defects exhibited after 3,000 hour salt-spray test conducted by TÜV laboratory in Singapore.
  • Unique properties of ionoplast interlayer increase glass strength and post breakage performance

Paya Lebar Quarter – SGP Laminate with Film Application