DaDiGlass™ Smart Switchable

DaDiGlass™ Smart Switchable provides a clean, natural, and aesthetic switchable glass, allowing privacy when you need it, and an open atmosphere when you want it. With a flick of a switch, the smart glass transform from its opaque state to clear, almost like magic. Our Smart Switchable Glass is made using PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) films from Gauzy, which include a unique UV curing formulation. This combination enables high control of process parameters and control over crystal morphology in reduced periods of time. With the best transparency & performance in the Industry, it is tested for 10 million switches and able to operate in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. Unique waveform allowing maximum transparency on full operation with minimum haze, with Dimming capabilities, allowing the user to control the amount of light with a smooth, gradual transparency selection. Gauzy PDLC films are made in Israel and is at the forefront of the liquid crystal films industry in Europe, a testament to its quality.

Da Di Glass is the only glass company with the capability to manufacture the switchable smart glass in Singapore, using our state of the art machinery, ensuring every glass is made with the best quality, subjected to stringent conditions, therefore it is a laminated safety glass that is compliant to the safety of the occupants.


Hospital Applications

  • Provides privacy, and yet easy to clean, without the use of curtains. Helps to maintain hygiene.

Privacy Partition

  • Provides privacy as and when you need it, with a simple flick of a button.

Functions as a Projection Screen

Allows HD images and video when used for projection, in opaque mode. Our Smart Glass is suitable for both rear and front projections. Simply a perfect tool for presentations in a meeting room or advertising on a retail front.

Commercial – Projection Display

Other Applications

  • Smart Windows
  • Meeting Room Partition
  • Retail Display

Technical Specifications:

  • Ultra-low energy consumption (less than 4W/m2)
  • On/Off or Dimming operational control with FLEX and MultiPlex Controllers
  • Haze: lower than 3%
  • Operating Voltage: 35-70VAC square wave
  • Operating Frequency: 25,32, 50 Hz
  • Available in standard and jumbo sizes